False Advertisement?

Just saw the commercial for the foot activated lift gate – ok – riddle me this – the ad says “because we know you have your hands full”.  So does the rear door open anytime you wave your foot under it?  Or does the van have to be unlocked?  If it has to be unlocked wouldn’t you need a hand free to do that?  Or do I leave my van unlocked for anyone to enter so I can use the ‘neat’ foot activated feature?

Paid to Speed

I have a problem with being paid for the use of my personal vehicle – it’s like the company wants me to speed – the current rate is over 50 cents a mile – so if I do 50 miles per hour I am getting $25 / hour.   I would rather make $50 / hour but that is a little fast for me to drive…….

Keep Trying

I would like to give a B for effort and a D for effectiveness to my local Walmart.  I noticed they were thoughtful enough to mark the Men’s room with a braille sign.  Only problem was it is mounted above the top of the door – now I do not recall ever seeing someone using a white cane walking around with their other hand waving high in the air – but maybe they do.  Also — what about short blind men?

Still The Same?

Why do you think it is that back when gas cost a buck a gallon premium was .20 more and yet now that gas is 3.50 a gallon premium is still only .20 more?  If the price difference has any real basis in actual production costs wouldn’t you expect that if the price went up 350% for regular the difference should have gone up also?  So why isn’t premium .70 more a gallon?

Gas Mileage

Years ago I argued that buying premium because you got better mileage was a fool’s deal.  I based that on the math when gas was around $1.79 a gallon (remember that?) for regular and .20 more for premium.  Then the math said that for it to be worth it you had to get 11.2% better mileage with premium (cost extra per gallon divided by the cost per gallon of regular).  Which meant my 20 mpg car would have to get 22.24 mpg with premium – and the times I checked that I did not see that big of a jump.

Now, however, with gas at more than 3.50 a gallon – Let’s do the math:*

Regular $3.56

Premium $3.79

difference .23 or 6.5% more.  So for it to be worth it a car that got 20 mpg with regular would only need to get 21.3 mpg for it to be worth the extra cost.  A car that gets 27 mpg would need to get 28.8.  I think I will try a tank or two – and see what I get.